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Transcribing videos to text involves listening to the speech and sounds of a video and putting them into written words.

Video transcripts add value, in that they help clarify and reinforce the message of your videos and is a sought after feature by many viewers.

Transcriptions are useful as a reference document, as captions and subtitles, as scripts for translation and dubbing of videos to another language, and it can help boost relevance with search engine rankings and your reach in social media.

Quality Assurance for Video Transcriptions

Transcription accuracy for videos is important as mistakes can cause confusion to the audience instead of enhancing the viewing experience. Timing of subtitles is imperative. Readability is critical as well. In addition, captions and subtitles also differ in formatting depending on the video streaming platform. A thorough understanding of subtitling guidelines is a must. Our multi-step quality assurance process ensures captions and video subtitles that meet industry standards.

  • Auto-transcription software provides the base document and allows faster turnaround time
  • Using variable speed playback helps in slowing down the video to clarify fast dialogues
  • Certain names and terminologies may require online verification to ensure correct spelling
  • After the initial transcription, a quality check further refines the transcript
  • The text is then checked for proper synchronization with the video
  • Subtitle format and positioning are also edited for compliance with client-specific and platform-specific guidelines


  • General Video Subtitles
  • Formatted YouTube Captions
  • Movie Subtitles
  • TV Show Subtitles
  • SRT Subtitles
  • Closed Captions
  • Vlogger Transcriptions
  • Video Script Reference
  • Video Translation Reference
  • Video Dubbing Reference
  • SDH Subtitles for the Deaf or Hard-of-hearing
  • Social Media Video Subtitles
  • Promotional / Advertorial Subtitles
  • Music Video Subtitles
  • Karaoke Lyrics
  • Edited Subtitles
  • Custom Subtitles
  • Instagram Captions
  • Facebook Captions

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    We receive your source digital text files via email or your preferred cloud service. In the case of physical documents or manuscripts, these should be sent to us via courier.


    Physical documents will be scanned and then transcribed as per your requirements. The transcriptions will then be formatted as per your specifications.


    Your file’s transcription will be checked for accuracy by our editors before final submission to you using your preferred channel.

    Prices starts at $0.75 USD per minute

    As a part of the process, we will asess your material, we will contact you shortly after the asessment.

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