Rubii is a premium human resource outsourcing provider, managed by a team of like-minded professionals that come from a diverse background of countries, cultures and capabilities.

In 2005, a creative digital media agency was formed by its founders in Sydney, Australia. Over the next 10 years it grew to becoming one of Australia’s largest digital media providers with offices located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Canberra. It employed over 30 full time Australian staff, and a further 30+ contractors, freelancers and independent business services as part of its supply chain.

With client expectations continuously increasing for better product and service quality, faster turnaround times and lowering price points, the founders decided to look outside its borders for a long terms solution to retain and grow its competitive advantage to its client base.

In 2015, Rubii was established in Manila, Philippines and the commencement of ‘process mirroring’ commenced. Over the next 4 years Rubii successfully recruited, trained and developed the systems to not only meet the premium standards of product quality and services set by its Australian counter-part, it exceeded them.

The birth of a new era commenced

Over the years a new ‘cross-border highway’ between Australia and the Philippines began. With Australian-based managers and other technical and creative staff regularly jumping on planes to work alongside its growing workforce in Manila. Slowly, the fusion between our Australian and Philippine teams commenced. With the new cross-border workflows in place, new team mates and relationships were born, and so to was our new, permanent family – Rubii.

Who is Rubii

We are a helper. We love helping others. Helping others is something that brings us a sense of fulfilment. This means having great relationships at work, as well as at home. We love meeting new people and getting to know them. We are always friendly and always approachable. We have an open-spirit which makes us easy to connect with. We are observant in nature and we love the journey of discovery.

Our management team come from diverse backgrounds. Our western team brings with it professional experience in the media industry, television, broadcasting and communications, human resource management, recruitment and training, large scale manufacturing, production and process, software engineering, IT and web development skills. Our management team in Manila have been handpicked from the financial services sector from globally recognised brands with strong corporate governance and compliance foundations.

Our professional teams are handpicked via our stringent recruitment and vetting process to ensure that only the highest calibre staff join the Rubii family. Our crew are career driven, eager to impress and have the “X-factor”. They are motivated to meet and exceed our client expectations, and in doing so are rewarded by a deep sense of satisfaction that they are providing positive impact to their client’s life.

We welcome you to the Rubii family