We are committed to a code of ethics and behaviour that promotes personal and professional development for staff, diversity in the workplace, environmental awareness and positive social change.


Rubii supports the well-being of its staff by actively promoting open and transparent communication lines with management and the leadership team. The decentralised approach to engage management encourages staff to freely share their ideas and secure guidance and assistance whenever required.

Besides the regular “Pizza Friday” or “Dunk’n Donuts” sessions, we are also committed to providing ongoing training, career advice and take an empathetic position in times of need.


The team at Rubii have committed to the ANCOP Global Walk each year to help raise funds for chosen scholars in different parts of the country through the Education Sponsorship Program. ANCOP Education Sponsorship Program caters more than 9,000 scholars from the Philippines today and give hope to underprivileged students to continue their education.

This day also promotes wellness and health for our crew within a social team environment. It is a wonderful day that brings our team together and to show camaraderie amongst each other and the community.

For more information about ANCOP please visit their site here http://www.cfcancop.org


Rubii is mindful on reducing its carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption by regulating air-conditioning usage, maximising natural light in our workspace, have gone paperless in many divisions via our online content management system and recycle whenever possible. We are always working on better ways to become more efficient and do our bit for the planet.