Process is Power. Not Will.

After an initial scoping phase with new clients, Rubii commences a comprehensive client on-boarding process which is designed to better understand our clients business. Rubii then works closely with its clients to commence the building of the Rubii Operating Procedure which form the foundation of all the key processes deliverables be outsourced.

We understand there is a growing necessity for western businesses to outsource, for this reason we do everything in our power to ensure the performance of Rubii and its staff meets and exceeds existing service level agreements with its clients.

Client On-boarding

  • Every client is assigned a Rubii Account Manager
  • We commence the Client On-Boarding process
  • We work with the client to scope the outsourcing targets
  • We define the targets and propose a process
  • We develop the Rubii Operating Procedures

Human Resource Deployment

  • Once the Rubii Operating Procedures are approved, we commence the recruitment process
  • Upon the client’s advice, a Start Date is set for the new staff member
  • Training continues until the Competency Targets are met
  • Once the Competency Targets are met, the staff will be set to "Go Live" status
  • The client manages the daily tasks and training moving forward

a human resource recruitment process which is efficient, nimble and can activate in real-time


  • Based in Manila, Philippines
  • Available 24/7
  • Modern state-of-the-art office
  • On-site security, biometrics entry
  • Fibre-optic internet with redundancies
  • On-site western management
  • Process driven systems
  • Right-first-time approach
  • Strong recruitment processes
  • Buddy System rapid training
  • Ongoing staff training and support
  • Vetted supply chain for services


  • Modern work environment
  • Air-conditioned, floor to ceiling glass
  • Hi-spec PCs for Services
  • MACs for Creatives
  • Large computer screens
  • VoIP phone integration
  • VPN networks
  • Skype conferencing
  • Boardroom and dry kitchen
  • Storage


  • Dedicated, professional staff
  • Ongoing process training
  • Performance/life coaching
  • Strong team culture
  • Monthly team-bonding
  • Young, dynamic team eager to perform
  • Career advice sessions
  • Direct access to western management


  • In-house IT support team
  • In-house software development
  • Secure on-site local servers
  • Cloud based servers, continuous back up
  • 3CX call out, local number displays
  • Email/calendar integration
  • Time-zone sync interfacing
  • Tablet and pen for creatives

To get things started, contact us by using any of the web forms on our site. You will then be contacted by a Rubii Account Manager (one of our western managers located in Manila) within 24 hours to secure a suitable time for a phone call. We refer to these calls as ‘Scoping Sessions’ where we can quickly and easily get to know more about your business, your objectives and run through some possible solutions.

Step 1 – Client On-Boarding

After the initial "scoping session", Rubii will commence the on-boarding process with you. The on-boarding process is basically a checklist that guides us through capturing all the information we need to learn about your business. This will allow us to secure a very clear snapshot of your business space.

Step 2 - Rubii Operating Procedure (XOP)

Lead by your objectives, Rubii will start to build the operating procedures manual for your staffing requirements. This is a very detailed document which breaks down all the various tasks that your staff will need to perform on a daily basis. This document will form the foundation of the process that is designed to mirror your existing, or new outsourcing operations.

Step 3 - Recruitment

Post the completion of the COB and XOP, Rubii will commence the recruitment process. This includes building the job advertisement template, place the job advert online, field incoming applications, preliminary applicant screening, phone interviews and face-to-face interviews. Rubii will then facilitate meetings with the top candidates and present them to our client interview, selection and approval.

Step 4 - New Staff Placement

Once a new staff member is selected and a start date secured, Rubii will organise the set-up of a workstation(s), hardware and software requirements. We will also prepare for new staff induction day, orientation and administer all other required documentation.

Step 5 - Ongoing Management (what Rubii are responsible for)

HR Management
We manage staff attendance, punctuality, presentation, behaviours and attitudes to ensure professionalism at all times and to western standards.

We take care of all standard computing hardware, software, security, network and other related infrastructure such as reliable internet.

We organise payment of staff, as well as all other mandatory benefits and contributions as required by the Philippine government such as Social Security System (SSS), Home Development Mututal Fund (HDMF) and Philippine Health Insurance (PhilHealth).

Rubii works responsibly within the laws and regulations set out by the Department of Labour and Employment. We also have a reputable advisory team to ensure compliance at every level is met. For further information, please go here

Step 6 – Client Handover (what our clients are responsible for)

Ultimately, once a new staff member has joined your team, it is up to the client to communicate, support and nurture the staff member to foster positive skill growth, just like you would with any other existing staff member.

The true value of your staff will develop over time with ongoing support and training by you. This will develop their skills and push them toward producing accurate work, more consistently and increasing productivity overtime.

One of the most critical components of ensuring outsourcing is a success, is the ongoing updates of the Rubii Operating Procedure. Rubii will get the ball rolling by commencing the development of the operating procedures, however it is up to the client to maintain this document by adding new processes when required to ensure process stability and continuity. We also use this document to measure staff performance and accountability when required.

We encourage all clients to maintain healthy and consistent communication lines with their Rubii staff. By scheduling daily, weekly or monthly face-to-face or voice-to-voice calls you will ensure that staff feel close to you and your domestic team. Inclusion is a natural human requirement anywhere in the world.

Performance Reviews
To manage your staff effectively, Rubii recommends scheduled staff performance reviews either monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or annually. Whatever you choose, it will ensure there is positive recognition for a job well done, as well as an opportunity to set new milestones for areas for improvement and growth in your staff.

Monthly Pays
It is the clients responsibility to ensure accounts are kept up to date in order for staff pays to be processed on-time and in full. Rubii does not safety-net staff wages during account defaults, subsequently staff will not be available for work during those times.