Rubii understands that successful outsourcing can provide its clients a significant competitive advantage.


High labour costs are reducing profit margins

It’s not what it used to be is it? With labour costs steadily on the increase, inflation and technology advancements are diminishing the value proposition of many products and services, all working collaboratively to place downward pressure on profit margins. How hard are you working right now? How many hours? More or less? How profitable is your business compared to previous years? These are common challenges faced by many SMEs across the globe.

Increase of wage expectations, taxes and mandatory government imposed staff entitlements

We all know that wage expectations are on the increase. Staff are always looking for progress in their careers, rightfully so. Governments are also doing their bit with new layers of company and consumer taxes which continues to burden most. With the trend not expected to change, how many more years can your business sustain the relentless increase of overheads?

With staffing levels ‘on the bone’ product and service innovation takes a hit

When company profits are healthy, successful companies often channel a portion of those profits into innovation. Innovation drives better products, better service and value to their clients. If the surplus of profits are on the down, and capital injection is not available, the labour resources required to fuel innovation simply disappears. What are the ramifications of a company that doesn’t, or more precisely, cant invest for the future?

No room for effective scaling and growth

For those companies who are riding a growth wave, human resource management can significantly restrict the ability to scale up (or down) quickly and easily. Many opportunities are lost when a business is unable to deliver the skill resources required to provide the service. Are you struggling to keep up with human resource requirements? Or need staff but don’t have the financial capacity to absorb the additional overheads? Again, these are common challenges preventing many SMEs from switching gear and advancing growth.

Missed opportunities for research, development and innovation

Many SMEs have a long list of incomplete projects that negatively impact future business growth. However, the reality is that many businesses simply can’t find the time, or can’t afford the resources, to effectively drive those projects through to completion and start realising the benefits. What are the opportunity costs for businesses that postpone innovation, that don’t, or cant adapt to change?

Rubii can help

Take the first step, outsource your challenge to Rubii

The minute you reach out to us, your details will be provided to one of our experienced Rubii Account Managers (XAM). Your dedicated XAM will review your enquiry and contact you to start the discussion.

We define the targets and create the Plan

You’re not on this journey alone. Our XAM is specialised in clearly communicating the targets of your business, devising a documented plan and mapping out the path to move forward on.

We empower the plan with Process

Once the plan is built, we work with you to build the Rubii Operating Process (XOP) document which will ensure your new team will have a solid foundation from which to work from, as well as all the key performance indicators to secure certainty and reliability in their performance.

We deploy the Solution

Upon your selection, new human resources are assigned to your team and begin their training. Using the XOP as the foundation of training, your staff will experience an environment of accelerated learning over the coming weeks.

You start experiencing the Labour Savings

In a short space of time, you will begin to experience the benefits of your new team taking over the heavy lifting from your team back home. Very shortly, you will also experience the tremendous cost savings of the new trading environment. Cost savings can be as high as 70% of your existing domestic labour costs.

You recommence Scaling and Innovation

Overtime, you will begin develop deeper trust in your new team. You will also begin to see new opportunities. You will start to invest in the development of new products and services that perhaps you never thought were possible. You consider scaling again, growing and taking measured risks – because you can now afford to.

You have now discovered your Unfair Advantage with Rubii

In time, you discover that your business (or a division of your business) back home is trading faster, more efficiently, perhaps quality and standards have even increased from what your customers were used to. Perhaps you have now increased revenues by widening your service offering, or perhaps start to charge premiums for supplying at a level that none of your competitors can match.

One thing is for sure, you will be trading at a fraction of the cost compared to a domestic-level solution. You will have now increased your profit margins to a level that perhaps hasn’t been experienced in a very long time. Or perhaps, ever.