Want more information about outsourcing and how we do what we do... fast? Read through a list of commonly asked questions by our clients.

About Our Services

XHow long does it take to build a team?

The typical start-up cycle looks like this:

  • Day 1 – The Brief
  • Day 2 to 5 – Client On-Boarding
  • Day 6 to 9 – Rubii Operating Procedure
  • Day 10 to 24 – Recruitment
  • Day 25 to 26 – Interviews (Rubii manages)
  • Day 27 to 30 – Interviews (Client manages)
  • Day 30+ Engage. Client determines start date

XHow do I start?

Contact us by using any of the web forms on our site. You will then be contacted by a Rubii Account Manager (one of our western managers located in Manila) within 24 hours of your enquiry to secure a suitable time for a phone call. We refer to these calls as ‘scoping sessions’ where we can quickly and easily get to know more about your business, your objectives and a lot more.

We step you through the process, so there really isn’t much for you to do at this early stage, other than reach out to us!

XHow do you make scaling team easy?

If you need to scale up fast, Rubii has a large pool of qualified talent in many available skill-sets. They have been screened, tested and profiles established for your review. This allows for instant access to talented resources for our clients to select from in a very short space of time. If you need staff quickly, we can accommodate.

If you need to scale down quickly, staff engage Rubii on 90 days cycles. This means that our clients have the ability to decrease any number of their human resource head count with a 90 day notice period. Of course, considerations need to be made whether the talent that is being disengaged has very specific skill sets required for your particular business and whether it is easily replaceable in case you need to scale up again quickly.

XHow do I keep in contact with my team?

Many of our clients engage with their Rubii team continuously throughout the day, this can be done in any number of preferred platforms, but here are a few common ones:

  • Email
  • Skype
  • VoIP
  • Google Hangouts
  • WhatsApp
  • X24 – by Rubii
  • Any other platform our client prefers

XAre my staff dedicated to me?

100%. Your selected Rubii staff are there for you just like your local staff. You can contact them anytime during the agreed business hours. You can also organise video conferences with them to conduct training sessions, workshops or anything else you need to support your business to grow.

XWhat do you mean "No lock-in contracts"?

Rubii does not have any long-term lock-in contracts. We do this to give our clients the flexibility to scale their outsourcing requirements as their needs change. However, we do have the following controls in place to ensure a balance is secured between client requirements and staff security:

  • Upon staff engagement, the client will have a 30 Day Evaluation Phase. During this time, if the client wishes to disengage the staff member, a notice period of 1 week is required.
  • After 30 days, the 90 Day Probationary Phase commences. During this time, if the client wishes to disengage the staff member, a notice period of 30 days is required.
  • After the 90 days, the Full-Timer Phase commences. During this time, if the client wishes to disengage the staff member, a notice period of 90 days is required.

It is important to Rubii that our client’s needs are met regarding scaling their workforce, however it important to Rubii that a healthy, respectful and nurturing relationship with its staff is retained ongoing.

XWhat hardware and software are staff issued?

  • For administrational staff, we typically issue the latest Lenovo Intel Core i5 or similar with 24” screens, corded or cordless mouse and keyboards
  • For creative staff, we typically issue Apple 27” iMac and Wacom Intuos (Pro), cordless mouse and keyboard.
  • Win10 Pro or Mac OSX
  • Skype
  • G-Suite
  • Adobe Creative Cloud for Creatives

Our team are able to work on any other platform our clients require.

XHow does Rubii pricing model work?

Our pricing model for BPO services are broken in to 3 components which allows us to provide a talented workforce, a modern workspace environment and a management team to ensure quality and productivity is secured.

  • Staff Salary – Rubii covers all the required government taxes, mandatory staff entitlements, health benefits and more. These are required by Philippine Labour Laws for any staff member.
  • Workspace & Infrastructure – We ensure that all staff are issued all the space, hardware and software required to perform their work to a western standard. There are no small screens or cramped, sub-standard working conditions here.
  • Management – Account Managers and Team Leaders are assigned to every client to ensure that operational targets are met, training is provided where needed and open and clear lines of communication are maintained with our clients.

XWhat are the working hours for staff?

Rubii is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are a global operation , therefore it is up to the client to determine what the working hours are required for their business.

The typical work day is 8 hours, with a 1 hour lunch break and 2 x 15-minute short breaks. Penalty rates are payable if staff work over the standard hours, as per the Philippine Labour Law requirements.

If clients require more than 8 hours of coverage, Rubii is able to tailor solutions to expand operations to 24 hours by adopting AM, PM and Nightshift teams. We do not have any limitation on providing labour resource coverage.

XIs there a set-up fee?

It depends on your requirements.

If a Rubii Operating Procedure is not required

  • If you simply have a low-level back-office type project you need to get started with straight away, and we have the available resources on-hand, Rubii is often able to secure and deploy human resources to clients free of charge.

If a Rubii Operating Procedure is required

Rubii charges a set fee of 300USD to get the ball rolling. However, if you do engage Rubii after the set up period by employing a staff member, we will credit this fee off your first months instalment.

This is where your investment goes:


  • Commencement of Client On-Boarding
  • Preparation of the Rubii Operating Procedure
  • Start the recruitment process
  • Manage, screen and attend new candidate interviews
  • Facilitate and connect new candidates with clients for interviews
  • Prepare all necessary documentation to engage incoming staff


  • Staff induction program, orientation, OH&S, compliance and culture
  • Building security registration, ID cards and biometric programming
  • Issue workstation, table and chair
  • Issue and set up PC or Mac and other hardware
  • Issue and set up emails, server space and other software
  • IT support for purchasing and loading custom software solutions

As you can see there is a lot involved to get a resource up and running!

XCan I select the hardware and software my staff work on?

Yes. If our standard issue hardware and software does not suit what you require, we will provide you quotes on a custom solution. Upon receiving your payment, we will arrange the purchase of all custom items locally in the Philippines.

If you prefer, you can also choose to have items sent to the Philippines for your staff to use, however you will need to consider import taxes as they can be significant. See link below for more information regarding import taxes.

Resources: https://emerhub.com/philippines/calculate-import-tax-and-duty-in-the-philippines/

About Rubii

XHow and when did Rubii start?

Rubii was founded in 2015 by its CEO Attila Kovacs due to ongoing human resource scaling challenges for his premium media agency located in Australia. Attila and his management team were able to successfully mirror a number of highly complex technical functions offshore whilst also maintaining product quality and speed.

XWhy did you choose the Philippines?

  • Modern cities with reliable infrastructure
  • English is the primary language for the corporate sector, with a globally recognised accent
  • Socially compatible with western nations
  • Well located in Asia
  • Solid infrastructure and civil services
  • Modern airport with global connections
  • Reputable hotels for visits in all major cities
  • All major credit cards accepted at ATMs and over counter
  • Salaries typically set at 6 to 1 ratio to western standards
  • Large educated workforce with a culture to over deliver
  • A growing economy with positive outlook
  • No VISAs required for most western countries for up to 30 days. Travel is easy. For more information please visit https://www.philippine-embassy.org.sg/consular/visa/important-visa-information

XWhy should we choose Rubii?

This is most easily explained by what we don't do:

  • We don’t assign labour until we know your business model
  • We don’t assign labour until we know what your targets are and a plan is established
  • We don’t assign labour until we have developed a Rubii Operating Procedure ROP
  • We don’t assign labour until candidates have passed our stringent recruitment process and approved by you

But here are some additional items that we do differently:

  • We are heavily driven by Process power. (not Will power)
  • Comprehensive internal documentation requirements to ensure operational stability
  • We are driven by numbers. KPIs are tracked and traced to ensure targets are met
  • Experience lead team set to western standards
  • Custom solutions for specific client requirements
  • Low-monthly retainers (typically salaries are 70% lower than western standards)
  • No-lock in contracts
  • Flexible terms
  • Scalable teams
  • Dedicated staff, full time, part-time, block-time and stand-by staff
  • Dedicated Rubii Account Manager for support, planning and scaling assistance
  • Exceptional team culture
  • Ongoing staff training and coaching
  • Regular team days
  • Located in the heart of Manila (Makati City)
  • Surrounded by great infrastructure, hotels, entertainment
  • 20mins from the International Airport (depending on traffic)
  • Great office and workspace
  • Solid power and internet
  • 24/7 operations

XWhat experience does management have?

Rubii management has over 30 years of high-end, high-output type production experience. The backbone of this type of production is process. Comprehensive, detailed and documented process. Due to the process-driven approach, many typical outsourcing challenges can be avoided and a smoother, cleaner, more efficient experience can be secured for its clients.