Outsourcing staff is only one component of a much larger range of opportunity. You are also outsourcing staff recruitment, induction, training, management and scaling.


If a business is experiencing strong growth, no longer does the heavy lifting of recruitment, advertising and screening need to take place at a domestic level. Rubii takes care of all of that for you. Clients simply brief us on the new requirements, the number of staff and the intended start dates and Rubii will basically take care of the rest. Clients are able to maintain their focus on business generation, rather that human resource facilitation.

Staff Training

Once new staff have joined Rubii, scheduled on-site training and coaching programs are put into place to ensure staff are well informed, have the opportunity to raise questions, discuss issues and receive individual support from the management team in specific areas. Clients are also able to advise us of specific training requirements that may need additional attention for their staff.

Staff Management

Attendance, punctuality, presentation, behaviours and attitudes of staff are observed and managed as required to ensure professionalism and western standards are met on a daily basis. Rubii managers are able to carefully and respectfully address any staffing performance issues on behalf of our clients. This is a vital component of being able to run a healthy, positive and courteous team that produces great results.

Scale up, Scale down

Rubii has a rotating pool of human resources that are available to work at short notice, for short, medium or ongoing projects. Philippine staff working in the BPO industry understand that dynamic workforces are a requirement and therefore bring with them a flexible mindset to a transient employment environment. This empowers Rubii clients to scale up staffing numbers easily, as well as scale down when required, provided the relevant notice periods are followed.

Scale up and capitalise in a peak cycle and, scale down and save in a low cycle. Stay in control.

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