The most obvious benefit of outsourcing is reducing existing labour costs and in doing so, significantly increasing profit margins.

For your typical SME business, this could mean saving $25,000 to $45,000USD per annum, per staff member on salary. If you had a small team of let’s say 6 staff who were performing tasks that were able to be ‘mirrored’ offshore, the savings are tremendous. In this case, the savings could be $150,000 to $270,000USD per annum, or $12,500USD to $22,500USD per month.

There are also on flow savings such as a reduction in other government imposed staff contributions, superannuation, pensions, work-related insurances, staff stationary and perhaps uniforms if required.

Unless very specific hardware and software is required for your operation, heavy capital expenditure on workstations, computers, chairs, IT and other related infrastructure can be avoided by outsourcing.

There are so many layers of saving via outsourcing.

For companies who commit to ‘mirroring’ their processes with Rubii, entire domestic-level teams have been wound down and completely migrated offshore. Once the skills sets are successfully set up, documented and process are put in place, your Rubii team will equal or exceed many current domestic service levels, in an environment which not only promotes significantly reduced labour costs, but also positively impact profit margins to levels previously unseen.

With lower running costs, businesses will win-back much needed funds to invest in other areas of their business that promotes innovation, the development of new products and services, and in doing so, possibly tap into new revenue streams to grow their business.

The benefits are clear.