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Audio transcription is a need for many companies across most industries. Medical transcription and legal transcription are among the most popular audio to text transcription services that are in demand glolbally. Financial and business recordings are also transcribed and provides official documentation with clarity and accuracy for mission-critical applications. Speech and meeting transcriptions are a valuable resource for both personal and business use. Voice transcripts from podcasts, conferences, interviews, recorded memos and reports, radio shows, phone recordings and more can be a resource for content that is search-engine friendly.


  • Podcast Transcriptions
  • Conference Documentation
  • Minutes of Meetings
  • Transcripts of Official Proceedings
  • Audio Memo
  • Corporate Annual Reports
  • Medical Transcriptions
  • Speech Transcriptions

Sample of work

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SHAI: (00:00) 

If I'm doing this for 20 years, it's because of all the different ways that it's helped me in my life and...

Yes, it's helped me have a successful career. But it's... you know, you can make money doing anything.

Like, for me, it's just really all about... all about that love and really just, all on getting in touch with how to be a better person and be a better contributor in the world.

So, you know, I made a YouTube channel to really share that... and give people free opportunities to really understand. I don't really hold back. I put my best things on there. So that, hopefully, it inspires people.

ROBERT: (00:37)

Yeah. People will sometimes see... lots on my YouTube videos and then come to class. And they're like, "Oh, this is just like in the YouTube videos." And I'm like, "Yeah."


I'm not, like, holding back on the secret techniques or whatever. I'm just, you know...

You just continue to put it out in various forms.


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We receive your source digital text files via email or your preferred cloud service. In the case of physical documents or manuscripts, these should be sent to us via courier.


Physical documents will be scanned and then transcribed as per your requirements. The transcriptions will then be formatted as per your specifications.


Your file’s transcription will be checked for accuracy by our editors before final submission to you using your preferred channel.

Prices starts at $0.75 USD per minute

As a part of the process, we will asess your material, we will contact you shortly after the asessment.

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